Packing List Of Essential Gear For Central America

Get ready to enjoy the tropics! Keep in mind - "dry season" doesn't mean no rain and the "rainy season" does not mean you won't see the sun. Be prepared for all climates with lightweight and breathable clothing and rain gear.

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T-Shirts and Shirts: Protect yourself from sun, heat and bugs. Choose light colors. Dark shades draw mosquitoes. Quick drying, breathable fabrics will help you stay cool. Tops with UPF sun protection offer added protection against the sun.

Rain jacket: Lightweight rain jacket that is packable, lightweight, waterproof and with a hood. Breathable fabric allows moisture to escape from your body. A rain jacket will keep you dry during downpours.

Rain poncho/cape: A rain poncho, or rain cape, is an economical solution to staying dry during sudden downpours. The rain cape can also cover your backpack.

Lightweight Loft Jacket, Vest or Sweatshirt: For cool evenings or to slip on in air-conditioned areas, pack a lightweight loft jacket, a lightweight vest or a sweatshirt.

Rash Guard or Ozone Top: Keep your core warm while snorkeling and stay safe from sunburn, no-see-ems and stingers.

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Pants: In variable climates it is best to pack long, lightweight and fast drying pants. Or, to lighten your luggage and for greater flexibility, choose pants that zip off to create shorts. Pants made from stretchy fabric are more comfortable than cotton pants.

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Hat: Shade your face from sun with a large brim and a chin strap to secure your hat so it won’t blow off when traveling ashore or in windy conditions.

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Sandals: Sturdy sandals with an adjustable back strap so they remain securely on your feet. Look for sandals that don't chafe when wet. Add socks by night to avoid bugs.

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Packs & Travel Bags

Backpack: Lightweight and waterproof backpack for carrying items ashore and keeping your arms free. If your backpack is not waterproof, protect camera equipment and other electronic devices leak-proof/seal-proof bags.

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Insect Protection: Avoid insects with an ultra-fine mosquito head net. While the ship is moving, mosquitoes will not be problematic. When there is no breeze or the ship is docked, they might be present. Also pack insect repellent and insect bite relief.

Sun and wind protection: Sunglasses with U.V. filter protection, lotions/creams and lip balm for sun and wind protection.

Binoculars: Compact, high performance binoculars ensure you don’t miss a thing. A pair with at least 10X power and 25mm objective diameter is recommended for scenic and wildlife watching.

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