Packing List Of Essential Gear For Pacific Northwest

Coastal Washington & British Columbia are located in the heart of a temperate rainforest. Warmed by ocean currents, the area enjoys a mild climate where rain is not unusual. Daytime temperatures typically range between 50-65°F, and you may experience a 20-degree shift in temperature from one day to the next.

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Insulation Layer

Fleece and Loft Jackets and Vests: Two or three polar fleece or lightweight loft jackets and a vest. Lighter and heavier garments that can be worn alone or in combination allow for greater flexibility and maximum warmth when needed. Fleece is lighter and dries more quickly than wool. Loft traps heat with remarkable efficiency even when wet, is feather light and compacts for easy packing.

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Short and long-sleeved shirts/blouses: Due to the unpredictable weather, pack t-shirts that you can wear under your shirt as a layer for extra warmth or by itself.

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Pants: In variable climates it is best to pack long, lightweight and fast drying pants. Or, to lighten your luggage and for greater flexibility, choose pants that zip off to create shorts. Pants made from stretchy fabric are more comfortable than cotton pants.

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Outer Layer

Rain jacket: Lightweight rain jacket that is packable, lightweight, waterproof and with a hood. Breathable fabric allows moisture to escape from your body can escape. Pack this piece in your hand luggage so that you have a windbreaker ready when you deplane. For Zodiac rides, a waterproof layer will protect you from spray. Ashore a rain jacket will keep you dry and warm if it rains.

Rain poncho/cape: A rain poncho, or rain cape, is an economical solution to staying dry during sudden downpours. The rain cape can also cover your backpack.

Waterproof pants: To protect you from spray during Zodiac rides as well as from possible rain when you are walking in various areas. Pants should be lightweight, breathable.

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Hiking Boots/walking shoes: Flexible with sturdy soles for hiking or walking ashore.

Hats & Socks

Hats: Fleece is excellent because the fabric is lightweight and extremely warm. Wool is also recommended. Choose a hat with a visor to shade your eyes against glare and flaps to protect your ears.

Socks: Three or four pairs of socks made of wool or wool blend that cushion the feet well and wick moisture. If you are prone to having cold feet, and you do not have quality socks, add sock liners for extra insulation.

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Packs & Travel Bags

Backpack: Lightweight and waterproof backpack for carrying items ashore and keeping your arms free for embarking and disembarking the Zodiacs. If your backpack is not waterproof, protect camera equipment and other electronic devices leak-proof/seal-proof bags.

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Trekking poles: A lightweight, collapsible, walking staff (also called a trekking pole) provides a sense of security, increased balance, and confidence when walking on slippery, muddy terrain.

Sun and wind protection: Sunglasses with U.V. filter protection, lotions/creams and lip balm for sun and wind protection.

Binoculars: Compact, high performance binoculars ensure you don’t miss a thing. A pair with at least 10X power and 25mm objective diameter is recommended for scenic and wildlife watching.

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